Press release

Project "Spacetaste" started

Published on
September 16, 2013

Why the acronym “SpaceTaste”? When the project is successful, the fish will be ‘free from earthy’ off flavour hence the Spacetaste.

September 1st 2013 the project Spacetaste started and will run for two years. The project aims towards off flavour free finfish aquaculture. The project runs within the EU funding scheme Research for the benefit of SME’s.

Off flavour in Aquaculture

Off flavour is the presence of undesired sensory properties in food items. Most common in aquaculture products are earthy-musty off flavours caused by the presence of geosmin and 2-methyl-iso-borneol (MIB) in fish tissues. Off flavour is associated to land-based aquaculture production systems with high nutrient loadings such as pond systems and recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS). Off flavour causes economic damage to the aquaculture industry through consumer rejection and low consumer appreciation of aquaculture products and through the additional costs of off flavour removal from fish crops prior to market entrance.

Objective: reduction off flavour

Off flavour in farmed fish is an extensively studied and well documented problem. Despite this, satisfactory solutions for the problem are still lacking today. The overall objective of this project is to established a reduction of the incidence of off flavour in farmed fish produced in RAS.

The project adopts three strategies to reach this objective:

  1. Preventive strategy: reducing the microbial production of geosmin and MIB in aquaculture production systems;
  2. Curative strategy: removing geosmin and MIB from the fish culture water;
  3. Alternative strategy: optimizing the depuration process.


The foreseen results of the project include:

  1. Measures to reduce off flavour in RAS
  2. Low off flavour RAS design
  3. A bioreactor for geosmin and MIB removal from RAS
  4. Measures to improve off flavour depuration processes
  5. Design of optimal off flavour depuration facility
  6. Trained sensory panels