WP1: Industry - RTD Interface

WP1 embeds the research within WP2, 3 and 4, ensuring practical and applicable project products. WP1 provides a platform for exchange of information between Industry partners and RTD’s and enforces the RTD partners to come up with final and applicable novel products, preventing off flavour in RAS fish production.

The overall goal is to utilize the extensive practical knowledge among the Industry partners on the incidence of off flavour in commercial fish farming systems and to channel their commercial needs. For this purpose a systematic analysis and documentation of this practical experience will be performed in WP1.

The practical experience will form a shared background which will be used as benchmark to validate research results prior to practical implementation (WP5) and to guide them in direction of real product development (WP5), this involves as well the validation of experimental protocols and checking and correcting on preliminary results of research within WP2, 3 and 4.