WP5: Product development, practical implementation and economic impact

n this WP the practical implementation of validated (WP1) research results (WP2, 3 and 4) is addressed by final product development. Each individual product will be subject to an economic impact assessment aiming to define the costs and benefits.

The practical products consist of

  1. system designs and management strategies for RAS. Designs will be made of future recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) with no (or low) geosmin production. In addition RAS management strategies aiming to reduce geosmin production will be defined (based on WP2).
  2. The design of a commercial scale biological reactor for geosmin and MIB biodegradation will be made (based on WP3). The prototype will enable the SME participants to produce and sell the reactor for RAS applications.
  3. Designs of commercial scale facilities for optimal depuration will be made, as well as specific optimal depuration protocols for the SME target fish species, in order to optimize depuration in existing commercial scale facilities (based on WP4).