WP4: Alternative: optimal depuration of geosmin from market sized fish

This WP targets the off flavour problem at the end to chain of events leading to off flavoured fish. Industry partner (SME/OTH) staff will be trained in systematic and objective sensory evaluation of their fish crops. Current commercial practise is to depurate off flavours from market sized fish by placing them for a certain period (several days) in water free of geosmin (and MIB) before market entrance.

This process can be optimized by taking into account the physiological mechanisms underlying the absorption and excretion of geosmin in fish. Main optimization targets include depuration time, depuration success and within fish batch variation.

The main goal is to provide a set of relatively simple measures that can be directly implemented in current practise to optimize the depuration process. The WP4 results lead to the development of depuration protocols (WP5) ready to use for the project partners at their targeted production fish.